5th Generation Warfare and Pakistan

The youth are a valuable asset of any country because, in the future, the rein of the country has to be taken over by them. Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world where a large part of the country’s population is young. The youth of our country have fertile minds and immense talents. Young people can not only bring positive change in society but also play an important role in the development of the country. However, the question is whether we are training our youth in such a way that they can play an important and positive role in society. If you dig deeper, you will see that the media, be it social media (internet) or print/electronic media, are great sources of the information and training of today’s youth. There is no denying the usefulness and necessity of media but the question is whether our media is playing a positive role in educating and training our youth?

Toward the end of the 20th century, when the world’s major powers acquired nuclear energy, defense analysts around the world once again started to think about ways to defeat the enemy. After which American defense intellectuals introduced the world with a new term of 5th generation warfare. The biggest weapon of this warfare is the media, with the help of which any nation can be inclined into perceptual slavery. The people are incited to anarchy by the sense of inferiority and insecurity, mental disorder, and lowering the morale of the nation. Negative propaganda and false/fake news works like fire and any country is conquered without the use of firearms.

There is no room for doubt that Pakistan is an invincible country in terms of its defense. The enemies have already tested us many times and are fully aware that Pakistan cannot be defeated on the battlefield, nor can it be destroyed like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, or Syria. Therefore, the enemy tried to subdue us with Proxy Wars and 5th Generation Warfare. Pakistan fought the biggest proxy war in the history of the world and defeated the enemy. After trying all the tactics, the enemy has imposed the 5th generation war on us. Today, our media, which is considered the fourth pillar of democracy, is proving to be the enemy’s greatest weapon in this war. The media is trying to divide the nation by perplexed regional, linguistic, political, and religious issues. In the name of freethinking and religious extremism, we are being driven away from our traditions, and poisonous ideas of obscenity, extremism, and intolerance are being poured into the minds of our younger generation so that the youth get fed up with their values. There is a famous saying that when a nation expresses disgust with its traditions, one should know that the nation is already hollow and needs just a little push to self-destroy itself.

It is important to note here that the defense establishment alone cannot win this war, but it is a collective issue of this nation and we are all involved in this war in one way or another, and that we all have to play our part in this. Well, In this regard, we all need to come up with a plan of action so that we can protect our young generation from this war. The government also has to play an effective role in this critical situation. Freedom of the media does not mean that the media can follow any untoward plan and can run any program that contradicts the ideology of Pakistan. The government should introduce a law that binds the media to protect the ideology of Pakistan, disseminate our true Islamic traditions and values, and encourage moderation while preventing the broadcast of foreign agendas and the promotion of false traditions and customs. It is also worth noting that media owners will not readily accept any law that would reduce their income, so the government should take appropriate steps to enforce the law. At the same time, the government should strengthen its national broadcaster. The governments using the national broadcaster just to gain political mileage is not only hostile to the coming generation but also a betrayal to the country. The government should formulate a comprehensive strategy to train our youth and make them aware of their values as well as enable them to keep pace with the world using modern technology.

Here are some suggestions on how to deal with the negative effects of the media on the younger generation and how to combat this 5th generation warfare.

  • Pakistan is an ideological state, so programs should be aired on the national TV channel to acquaint the youth with the ideology of Pakistan and the culture and traditions of the region and to protect Islamic values. Private TV channels should also be required to make such programs part of their broadcasts.
  • Documentaries, dramas, and films based on the lives of our elders and heroes and the Freedom Movement for our separate homeland should be made a part of the broadcast. At the same time, we must talk about the positive national attitudes and moral values ​​that are important for the development and prosperity of nations, the foremost of which is tolerance and moderation. Negative emotions such as intolerance, separatism, and extremism must be discouraged.
  • Broadcast scientific and research programs for the interest and training of children and youth that inculcate scientific research in the younger generation and attract young people to research and technology fields. Involve young students and teachers in such programs and discuss current research issues and findings so that the young generation can develop and demonstrate their research and creativity skills and are free from the burden of books and the race of numbers.
  • Relevant scholars, teachers, students, and stakeholders should also be involved in the discussions and debate on national and international issues. Instead of just pointing out problems and wailing, we need to find practical and impartial solutions to such problems and guide the government and the nation in the right direction. In doing so, our dignitaries and those involved in the debate must not lose sight of moderation and tolerance, and instead of arguing for the sake of debate, we must find the best and most practical solution to every problem by consensus.
  • Social media is the biggest weapon of the 5th generation warfare. If we are to win this war, we must provide young people on social media with platforms that expose fake propaganda, and show the true face of Pakistan and Islam to the world.

We must all play a positive role and devise a strategy so that we can defeat the 5th generation warfare and give our future generations a stronger and more stable Pakistan.

The article is written by Sharjeel Afzal and originally appeared here. Translated and reposted by mPKg webmaster ‘silver water’.

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