A Step toward Making Pakistan Great

Pakistan is a country with the 5th largest population in the world (220,892,340 people on June 30, 2020, according to UN data 2020) [1]. According to the World Bank data 2019 [2], Pakistan has a remarkably high percentage (60.6%) of the working-age population (i.e. 15–64 years), while over 35.1% of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 15. We are one of the youngest nations among the most populated countries with a median age of 22.8 years. The youth will become a great asset to Pakistan if we can educate them and give them hope and direction to utilize their energies positively.

Pakistan is currently facing several challenges, but the biggest challenge is educating and training its youth and guiding them in the right direction. Unfortunately, our obsolete education system, outdated curriculum, declining educational institutions, and untrained teachers are unable to realize the fact that our children need real education and guidance more than numbers. In this age, the media of any country can play a major part in positively educating its people, yet our media is assuming a negative job and is engendering disappointment and uncertainty in the country. It is not only detrimental to the nation, but is also affecting Pakistan’s reputation internationally. In such a situation, at personal or individual levels, some people are working hard to show the positive side of Pakistan to the world, which merits commendation and support.

The mPKg (making Pakistan great) represents a group of academics and scholars who are keen to play a positive role in improving the state of affairs in Pakistan. The mPKg group believes that only effective education and enlightenment can make Pakistan greater. We are here to play our part and hope that our articles will inspire the people especially the youth, will light a ray of hope in their hearts, and will guide them in the right direction so that they think beyond personal interests to be the responsible citizens of Pakistan. At the same time, our team will offer workable solutions to various problems that will be a beacon for the ruling class and the authorities.

The purpose of this website is to create awareness among the people about loving their country and respecting social behaviors, and to present the positive face of Pakistan to the world. Here we will not only review and comment on positive news about Pakistan but also inform the public about the projects being launched for their welfare. And, we will present concrete proposals and strategies for the solution of various economic, social, and societal problems of Pakistan. In the process, our team will work beyond all prejudices and propose measures solely for the development of the country and the betterment of the nation.

Therefore, we want to assure our readers that negative opinions and religious, political, linguistic, and/or personal prejudices will not be promoted from this platform. If you like the articles, you can share them with your family and friends. If you find something annoying, you can also let us know your concerns. We pray to Allah to help us succeed and achieve our goals and bless our dear homeland, Amen.

[1] “Population by Country (2020) – Worldometer,” https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/population-by-country/.

[2] “Population Ages 15-64 (% of Total Population) | Data,” https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SP.POP.1564.TO.ZS?end=2019&most_recent_value_desc=true&start=2019&view=map.

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